Dartmouth Chapter No 662

West Bromwich


Membership of the Royal Arch is open to any Brother who has been a Master Mason for 4 weeks and upwards, although Brethren would normally be encouraged to wait a little longer than this in order to obtain a better understanding of Craft Masonry.


Until very recently the Royal Arch was seen as a logical extension of Craft Masonry and, although now regarded as separate from Craft, it still retains extremely close associations with Craft such that every Master Mason is encouraged to become a Royal Arch Mason. Indeed within the Province of Staffordshire every Lodge has a senior member nominated as the Royal Arch Representative to encourage the Brethren of his Lodge to become Royal Arch Masons and to provide them with regular updates and information.


Dartmouth Chapter is delighted to welcome back home to West Bromwich its founding Lodge - Dartmouth Lodge No. 662 after an absence of some 19 years. It is hoped that many Brethren will wish to join Dartmouth Chapter as Exaltees or joining members.


The Chapter also extends a warm welcome to the Brethren of the other Lodges meeting at West Bromwich, namely Bromwic, Sandwell, Walton Walker, Universal Brotherhood and Black Country Heritage and hopes that they too will consider membership of the Chapter.


There are many members of the Chapter whose Craft Lodges do not meet at West Bromwich and we welcome the opportunity to extend our fellowship to the wider Masonic community.